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11 NOVEMBER 2010

Sound samples for OCD v3 updated on the OCD article page.

23 AUGUST 2010

Wah Wah comparison updated.

22 JULY 2009

Boss CE-5, Ibanez DSC10 and DFC10 added to the chorus comparison page, new sound samples added to the Roland AP2 on the phaser comparison page, Danelectro DanOWah added to the wahwah comparison page, For Sale-page updated.

18 JULY 2009

Pedalarea.com v2.0 finally opened!
Loads of new content, forum added, chorus pedal comparison, wah wah comparison, huge amount of added pedals in most categories. Check it out and leave feedback/comments in the forum!!

1 JULY 2009

The reconstruction work of pedalarea.com v2 is finally starting to be done. The site is now open for test-users, the final opening of the site for the public will happen shortly.

The page namings will still change so please do not use any links to the new site until it is open for public, since most links will become obsolete. Please report any kind of bugs, typos, dead links, missing or poor audio samples etc. in the forum and they will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you very much!!

15 MARCH 2009

A massive update of the website is currently under construction, loads of new content and features will be added during the spring/summer 09. Stay tuned!

But for now, the OCD article has been updated with new audio samples comparing v2 and v4. Similar audio samples will be added to the overdrive comparison page as well. The For Sale-page has been updated and the sold items moved to a separate page to ease the download.

12 January 2009

Some updates on phaser comparison, For Sale-page updated.

18 September 2008

The summer has been very busy for me and not much has happened here, I'll try to put in some new stuff soon. The wah-wah comparison is under work but will still take a while. Minor updates, For Sale-page updated.

28 May 2008

Q-tron, Mini Q-tron and Boss TW-1 added to the envelope filter comparison, For Sale-page updated.

24 April 2008

Envelope filter comparison ready, click here to check out the funk!

16 April 2008

OCD article updated (sound samples of v4 coming soon).

30 March 2008

New domain opened, welcome to www.pedalarea.com!

20 March 2008

Current project's under work are a envelope follower comparison, a wah-wah pedal comparison and a Fulltone OCD article update (v4). Also the phaser and overdrive page will be updated within a few months.

19 March 2008

For Sale-page updated

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