unknow EH/Sovtek Small Stone version...

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unknow EH/Sovtek Small Stone version...

Postby rgjohnny » Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:29 am

I own two Small Stones. From the article, I've realized I have a US ver.3 and an unknown Russian version. I've scoured the internet and have not ever come across another like I have. It is the army green box with LED indicator however, it appears much beefier (more industrial), with a much thicker cast bottom casing than any I've seen. Additionally, the flathead screws used to remove the upper casing are located on the front and rear, not the top as indicated by the photos of Sovtek version 1. The latching push button is surrounded by a metal sleeve. Finally, the lettering is also different; not the bubble-style but rather more of a romanesqe font. The front also has "MADE IN RUSSIA" followed by Russian wording. I'd like to submit photos and possibly learn the version/date. Thanks in advance!

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